The Waendel Walkers' Club

The Number 1 Club in the British Walking Federation


As many of you may be aware the Waendel Walkers Club used to organise a number of Permanent Trails in the local area which were managed routes which could be walked at any time, and were registered with the BWF in order that walkers could claim walk and distance credits for participation. Verification of participation was achieved by walkers having to answer various questions during the walk that theoretically could only be done by walking the route and finding the answers, somewhat like a treasure trail.

These questions needed to be regularly changed, and the routes regularly re-walked and verified by the club to ensure continued accuracy of the route description, and as such were time consuming, also these routes eventually attracted so few participants that the committee decided it was no longer viable to support the Permanent Trail initiative. However the committee has been keeping this policy under review and has decided to resume Permanent Trails initially for 2018 to assess take up and interest.

British Walking Federation Armistice Centenary Challenge

Coincident to the above, the BWF have commendably suggested that a number of new permanent trails could be created throughout the UK for 2018 all of which would have some significance to the First World War and the Armistice in 1918, a century ago, and we as a club have embraced this initiative and created two such walks which are now available to download from this website. Participants can register with the BWF to enter the challenge (there is a registration fee of £5) and a registration form can be downloaded from here.

You can also find more details of this challenge here on the BWF Website which also has a link to the downloadable registration form

The aim of the challenge is to walk as many BWF registered permanent trails during 2018 and collect points; 3 points for an Armistice Walk and 1 point for any other BWF registered event (which includes all Waendel Walkers Club walking events). Each trail can only be claimed once and awards will be given - Bronze award for 24 points, Silver award for 60 points and Gold award for 100 points. Further details are on the downloaded registration form. We will enhance the walk descriptions and other information based on feedback and will if necessary add a "frequently asked questions" section to this site in due course. Please remember the details are subject to change. Details and links to the two trails follow.

Armistice Walk Middleton Cheney - Permanent Trail No 310

This is a 10km circular walk starting and ending at the Co-operative shop in Middleton Cheney High Street (there is a car park nearby) and the route takes you past a churchyard with commemorative plaques to the dead of World War One, and also passes one of the UKs main munitions factories from this time. You can download the following documents through the links: walk registration form and answer sheet; route description; and background information sheet

Armistice Walk Towcester - Permanent Trail No 312

This is a 13.5km circular walk starting and ending at the Saracens Head Hotel and the route takes you past the site of Pattishall POW camp. You can download the following documents through the links; walk registration form and answer sheet; route description; and background information sheet.