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Latest News - Updated Monday 22nd January 2018

Fist and foremost on behalf of the Waendel Walkers Club committee I would like to welcome you all to 2018 and thank you for all the support in 2017, and I am delighted to announce that our membership now exceeds 200 and we look forward to your ongoing participation and support in 2018. We have a great year of walking and social events ahead.

A reminder that for those members who have not yet done so, we will ask you to renew your 2018 annual membership at your next walk, which remains at only £4. Thanks to the almost 90 members who have already renewed (and the few of you who by accident or choice also paid their 2019 subs - that's forward planning for you!) but still almost 100 of you still to renew!! Be aware that those 2017 members who have yet to pay their renewal will be charged non-member rates for all walks so please renew as soon as possible - it saves you money and saves us time and money chasing up late memberships.

After a snowy walk from Rushden Station yesterday, which despite the weather attracted almost 40 walkers, our next Sunday walk will take place on 4th February 2018 and will see us walking from the White Hart in Hackleton, a few miles south-east of Northampton along the Newport Pagnell road. As always the walk will start around 10.00 and the walk desk will not open before 09.30 so please do not arrive before then as neither the walk organiser nor the venue will be ready for you - and the venue might have had a busy night on the Saturday so a little consideration for them would be appreciated. Give yourself an extra half hour in bed instead - you know it makes sense.

As you will all be aware, your club is a long standing member of the British Walking Federation (BWF), indeed being club no 1. During 2018 the BWF along with its member clubs will be organising the 2018 Armistice Centenary Challenge, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I, and the Waendel Walkers Club has contributed two new permanent trails to this project. Those wishing to participate in this challenge event need to register with the BWF and more details and a registration form can be downloaded from the link on the new Permanent Trails page. Walk instructions for the two Waendel Walkers Club routes and further details are now available on this website using the link above and a link to the appropriate BWF page has now been added.

A reminder for all of you who are joining us for the Clermont Walking Festival in Belgium this year, the coach will leave Castle Way in Wellingborough a few hours earlier than usual, at 15.00 sharp on Friday 9th February. This is due to our channel crossing times. Those of you for whom Steve has an email address will have already been made aware of this schedule. I am sure we will have a great weekend of walking and socialising (and perhaps a small amount of sleeping as well!!). We expect to get back to Castle Way around 19.00 on Monday 12th February but this is of course subject to traffic and weather conditions.

The 2018 Sunday season is now complete and is now on this site, along with a downloadable printable schedule, although one venue near the end of 2018 is still being agreed and will be added soon.

The dates for the Wednesday evening 2018 Season are also now available on this website for those with nice new 2018 diaries who want to bookmark these dates. As usual, the venues and a downloadable schedule will be made available once the details are finalised, sometime early in 2018.

Details and a downloadable pre-registration form for the eighteenth annual "Valley and Views" event taking place on April 15th 2018 are now available on the Special Club Events section of this site.

If you would like to get more involved in your club, we are always looking for additional walk co-ordinators - there are just seven of us on the committee and almost 40 walking events every year - and whilst most committee members will organise and run up to three events each year we still need non-committee members to organise the occasional event, and whilst we have the 2018 Sunday season sewn up we are now planning our 2018 Wednesday summer season of events! If you have never organised a walk before and would like to, one of us will "buddy up" with you to help plan and run the event and we have a comprehensive "beginners guide" covering everything from choosing your venue through to details of the administration and what makes a good walk description. Why not give it a go - you'll enjoy it. If you would like a no obligation chat about what is involved please contact me through the website and I will call you back.

Lapel Badges. Club lapel badges are now available from Andrew Whitehead or through this website or the Facebook page. They will also be available at walk desks and will cost £3. Please buy one and wear it on your lapel to support your club.  Of course Andrew can provide other club branded merchandise as well such as polo shirts, sweat shirts, fleeces and baseball caps. See the Club Merchandise section of this site for prices and availability.